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Lovers Muggters and Thieves
  Lovers Muggters and Thieves
The Author
Jonathan Tudan


A selection of Jonathan Tudan's memoir, Lovers, Muggers & Thieves, was first published as a feature inside Architecture Boston, "After Dark - The World is a Different Place". He has been a guest on Boston's Fox in the Morning and the Howie Carr Show, New England's top-rated syndicated radio program. The Boston Herald published a 2-page article of Jonathan's coming-of-age story, and several on-line magazines and literary works of non-fiction, including Salon and Urban Daddy, have published interviews with Jonathan to gain insight into his experience

Jonathan Tudan has enjoyed an extensive career as an architect stretching from Boston to the Central Mountains of Arizona, through the Pacific Northwest and down the west coast to Southern California. Jonathan lives with my wife, Mary, and son, Maxim, in Calabasas, California. His daughter, Leah, works as an attorney in Washington, DC

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Lovers Muggters and Thieves